Fences don’t have to be solid layers of wood or iron to be solid. In fact, split rail fences are the perfect combination of a durable barrier to keep animals pinned in and an open layout so you can easily scan and maintain your acres of land. Here are some advantages of choosing split rail fencing for your property.

3 Advantages of Split Rail Fencing

  • Split rail fencing is affordable and efficient. Because split rail fencing is made of secured horizontal posts with plenty of space between each rail, you have to purchase much less material than with traditional fencing. If you need a fence that requires very little maintenance to mark the edge of your property, split rail fencing is the perfect choice.
  • You can easily modify split rail fencing for smaller animals. While horses and cows can’t slip through the gaps in the rails, smaller animals like chickens can. Stop any potential escapes by lining the fence with wire. The wire uses the rails for support, so this is an easy change that adds a strong, finer barrier. It also means you can still survey your property line quickly.
  • Split rail fences are easy to maintain. Because the wood is treated to be water- and UV-resistant,  the rails should last a lifetime. All you have to do check the fence for leaning rails and physical damage.

Different fences fit different circumstances and split rail fencing is the best choice for lining large areas of property and for pinning farm animals. Go to Philip’s Fences here to find the right wood for you.